About Nuvello

Tim Harmon
Managing Director

Tim is a renowned tech industry analyst, having helped more than a thousand channel and marketing professionals develop and manage their go-to-market via the application of digital technology, economic models, best practices, metrics, and competitive intelligence. Tim’s domain knowledge spans channel management, “outside the 4 walls” marketing (channel marketing, social marketing, advocate marketing), database, integration, and business intelligence technologies. Tim is a noted speaker at industry conferences involving partner networks, cloud computing, business intelligence, and performance management.

Prior to Nuvello, Tim was the principal analyst on the B2B Marketing team at Forrester Research for 9 years on channel strategies and technologies. All told, Tim has over 25 years’ experience in executive management and mentoring roles in the vendor, user, industry analyst, and venture capital aspects of the tech industry. Tim attended Iowa State University, where he majored in computer science, business administration, and math.

Who Are We?

We are a global network of industry analysts and practitioners specializing in go-to-market (channel, marketing, and sales) insights, enablement, and implementation.

What Is Our Mission?

To educate, equip, and energize channel, marketing, and sales professionals to innovate and superiorly execute their channel strategies to effect high business performance.

What is Our Vision?

To build a global knowledge network that is the #1 "go to" source for channel, marketing, and sales professionals – particularly in the teeming, starved sub-enterprise market – to connect, learn, share, and apply trends, models, technologies, best practices, and metrics in growing their direct and indirect channels' performance.

What are Our Values?



Constant recrafting on enabling our community to connect, share, and create.



We continuously research and learn how to drive better business and personal growth.



We address the needs of a globalized village and industry-wide trending issues.



Insights we provide to our members and network are unbiased and fact-based.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Global value network – Nuvello-vetted global network of analysts and consultants
  • Cross-pollinated domain knowledge – Comprehensive, state of the art knowledge development by connecting the nodes in the Nuvello global value network
  • Insights democratization – We not only provide cutting-edge insights, but also provide affordable ways to learn and implement change

Our Name

The volume of information is doubling every year. The average lifespan of Dow Jones Industrial companies is down to less than a couple of decades. Robots can pick and pack a dozen warehouse items in 30 seconds. The pace of new patent registrations has nearly doubled. There’s no doubt that the pace at which technology is changing what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with, is constantly accelerating.

This is where Nuvello comes in. We began with the premise of a future that not only mandates that we operate in a constant stage of change (new), but change that ensues at an increasing velocity (velo). Today there are almost 5000 companies innovating with digital interaction and engagement models. With this digital dawn, there is a need for a new business model and a new voice that can provide insight, knowledge, and guidance as to the ways you interact, the types of products you create, and your means of providing service.

Not only does our name symbolize the newness and velocity of change, we embody it. We are building a network of experts and practitioners, bridging the age-old gap between consultants and people actually immersed in the execution of their go-to-market strategies – a network that can rapidly morph as technology segments and microsegments evolve and merge into broader themes and flows.

We are pioneers who believe the future is something we make happen, not just by visualizing it, but also by understanding, shaping, and acting on it in a thoughtful way … and helping you embody it.